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The GoMaxHUB for Etsy shop owners

Purpose built CRM (Customer Relations Manager) to help Etsy Shop Owners increase sales potential through email marketing. 

Easily connect your Etsy shop to automatically download full customer and sales data.  Quickly send email messages to 1 customer or 50,000 customers.  Have a new product or service to announce, compose an email and broadcast it to your entire customer base in a few clicks of the mouse.

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Perfect for Small & Home Based Business, Self Employed, Contractors and more...

At the core of the GoMax Solutions services is the GoMaxCRM, a full featured solution perfect for personal usage, small & home-based business, independant contractors, sales people, consultants and everything in between. With the usual contact profile management found in all CRM's, the GoMaxCRM takes it to the next level with a robust & powerful Tasking, Notes / Memo's, Document storage, and Lead Generation campaign management systems. Take the GoMaxCRM for a test spin to try for yourself.

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Canadian Mortgage Broker CRM - Our Flagship product

As our original product conceived nearly 20 years ago, the GoMax Mortgage Broker CRM has matured through many versions to become one of Canada's leading mortgage broker CRM platforms. Manage all of your mortgage clients with ease, including powerful automated drip campaigns, targeted email outs, and event based campaigns. The platform also includes the same robust Tasking, Notes & Documents systems found in our standard CRM.

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Intuitive and Simple CRM for Realtors

The newest addition to the GoMax family is our CRM solution tailored for Realtors. Track all of your clients sold and purchased properties with ease. Create drip-campaigns and automate your marketing efforts.

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WordPress Websites & E-Commerce Development

The newest addition to the GoMax family is our website / e-commerce development. Whether you have a home-based business, small business, contracting business, or would like to sell your products to a global market. By harnessing the power of WordPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others, you can be sure to improve your internet presence and sales opportunities by reaching potential clients in new markets.

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