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GoMax Product Demo:– Product Demonstration. As a leading provider of CRM solutions for
mortgage brokers, GoMax Solutions recognizes that it’s not only important to attract new
clients but it’s just as important to retain those clients. Why not take a tour of our product
and see how we can help transform your business in a way that no other product can.


Training modules

Module 1 – Getting Started The focus of this webinar will be on the CRM
Dashboard, general settings, data imports and basic platform navigation. It will also touch
on setting up your profile and settings. A great point of entry webinar!


Module 2 – The Profile, Calendar, Tasks, Email Tags and Reports During
this webinar we will be taking a close look at your contact’s extended profile, tab by tab
explaining the benefits and features. We will have an in-depth look at several additional
CRM features including; email tagging, calendar, tasks and report creation.


Module 3 – The Mortgage File and Deal Tracking Looking at the mortgage
deal will be the focus for this training session. Navigating tab by tab to help you
understand, manage, and track your mortgage deal.


Module 4 – inTouch CRM Keeping “inTouch” with clients’ leads not only
to repeat business but to referrals as well. Your marketing platform has a multitude of
functions including Opportunities, Projects, Action Plans and Events to help you get your
word out through industry education and keeping you up to date with important financial


Module 5 – Custom Template Design This module provides insight on
template design, creating new templates or branding pre-made templates. Templates are
integral to your marketing plan and keep you inTouch with your Contacts and Referral


Other resources

GoMax PowerPoint Demo – Short Product Demonstration. Attract clients through a
well designed website presence and retain clients through a powerful CRM system…
Combining these two powerful tools you are guaranteed to transform your business in a
way that no other product can.