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I sent out a Christmas email through GoMax to my clients saying that I had donated money to charities instead of cards and calendars, I have received two emails back this week that had those emails attached. If both leads fund, my commission will be 10K on just these 2 responses…

Just wanted to say thanks and thank you for helping my support staff member set up the system, I don’t have the attention span to do it, however he does…

DG Mortgages



I have decided to come back to GoMax because it’s time for me to start maintaining a strong relationship with my existing clients and referral partners. There are other CRM companies on the market that I have had a chance to research and GoMax is continually at the top of the list.  The hardest part of managing a database is not only remembering key dates such as mortgage anniversaries, renewal dates and specifics about our clients, but being pro-active and creative enough when keeping in touch to stand out from other brokers that already have a system in place. I am ready to now take full advantage of all of the features that GoMax has to offer to make sure that my database is looked after and to let my clients know that they matter to me.

Candice Light
TMG The Mortgage Group



Just wanted to let you know that I have been using Go Max for 3 months now and love it!! I hear that Mortgage Intelligence has a deal with Go Max for all Mortgage Intelligence Brokers… Well Done to whoever did this.  It is an awesome CRM program and I am just in the process of putting together my website – almost all done.  I recommend Go Max to anyone!!

Jennifer Gaudet
MI Group



We use Gomax exclusively to manage our entire book of business.  It really is the entire package.  Right from the initial lead to the funded deal and post closing follow ups, Gomax does it all.  We use it to track and follow up on all of our leads (new or repeat business), manage our pipelines, task for conditions follow up, forecast mortgage renewals, track where our leads are coming from, what our closing ratios are etc. etc. etc. No lead is a dead lead with Gomax.  We have had numerous cases where a random lead that we presumed dead turned into a sale down the road just through the News and Rate Advisor.

The thing I like most about Gomax is how easy it is to customize it to your business.  You can use every part of it or just portions of it.  Regardless of the extent you use it, you’ll find a support team that is open to your suggestions and quick to respond to any issues that come up.  You’ll also find a company that doesn’t settle for the status quo, always looking for new ways to help you succeed in your business.  Gomax is a true partner and I would recommend this system and company to any new or established agent or brokerage.

Wes Sudsbury
Homeguard Funding Ltd. (Verico)


GoMax has allowed me to stay in touch with my past, present and future clients with ease.  Setting up action plans for my clients allows me to choose what type of correspondence I want to have with my clients and how often I want to contact them.  The initial set up is easy and from there it continues seamlessly and allows me to continue to build my business while staying in regular contact with ALL of my clients.  The In Touch events are almost always guaranteed to bring me a lead…or two, or three.  Sometimes it is just the little things that makes a client think about you!  Definitely worth the investment!  GoMax is also constantly looking for ways to improve the platform for brokers!  That gives me the confidence that if it isn’t currently offering me something that I think would be beneficial it might just show up in the next upgrade.  Great job!

Geri Janes
Real Mortgage Associates


I wanted to say a big “Thank You” to you and the GoMax team for all of your hard work leading up to the start of CASL.  I really like the changes that you have made to help everyone manage their client consent.  I know several members of our team felt very relieved!

VERICO One Link Mortgage and Financial



Like Joel.. we have had similar success. Well over 80% of our biz comes from past clients or past client referrals. When I first started some 7yrs ago, I spent over 1.5yrs researching the best CRM and setting up systems. We completely have this to thank for where we are now (one only really sees the fruits of your labour a few years later… especially when all those first clients are renewing…). Even my broker/owners are jealous… and we have done a lot of work since you came out to help develop other associates.

I think the only better  job in the world than mine would be working with you guys. Keep up the great work = )”

Martin Jensen
Canada First Mortgage


I was a Gomax user for almost a year. I was happy with the service, but being a basic user, decided that maybe I could save some money and run my own CRM program. 6 Months later, I realized that this was a mistake. Without the InTouch system managing the process , I was not contacting clients often enough, and I was missing key opportunities because of that. That said, I am now back at Gomax and happy to report that InTouch is just as great as it used to be.”

Blair Werhler
HLC – Mortgage Constultant



After 2 years with GoMax, I made the unfortunate decision to cancel my subscription to reduce costs. 6 months later, I’m a subscriber again. The automated stay-in-touch features keep me in regular contact with past clients, where 90% of my new and referral business originates. And the navigation and look and feel are the best in the industry.”

Dean Moro, B.Comm
Mortgage Consultant
DLC – Innovative Mortgage Consultants


The NRA (News and Rate Advisor) is the bomb!  I have dug up 3 deals with it so far.

Brad Wadden, BBA, AMP
The Mortgage Center


Just thought I would share a good story with you. A client called today that I dealt with back in March 2009 that I have kept in touch with via GoMax. His renewal is coming up and because I have kept in touch, he noticed how much better my rates are than his existing lender, Scotia Bank on renewal.

He will be closing his mortgage with me at the end of this month. Just shows you the power of the system, keep it up!

Grant Brown – Mortgage Broker CPMA
Homeguard Funding Ltd. Verico

I have used GoMax for over a year and first of all I have to say that the GoMax platform is unmatched. I found a cheaper software and decided to give that a try but after a few months I felt lost and they did not have any customer service or the right tools/campaigns that suited my needs. GoMax is definitely worth every penny and its simple to use. Robyn is excellent and easy to listen too as she has all the answers to my questions. I would recommend this CRM to any mortgage broker so that they can keep in touch with their clients.

Leo Ragusa – Mortgage Agent
The Mortgage Professionals


The system is separate from the firm you belong to and you will be building your database for you not the company you work for. This CRM does the marketing for you once it is set up and running. For what you get there is nothing on the market that comes even close. I built and designed my own personal database before coming to GO-MAX. It was extremely time consuming and did not have the functionality of this database management system.

Go-Max gives me at least one deal a month outside of the other business I do. It could be more but I am also a Realtor. I know databases and this database management system is built for mortgage brokers and is unlike anything out there. There is not one single CRM out there that can offer you the functionality and creative freedom Go-Max does. If you would like to speak to me personally about the system give me a call. If you are looking at branding your business outside of the brokerage you belong to this is your best choice.

Craig Martin
TBG Mortgage Brokers Inc. INVIS


GoMax is definitely the best tool that I have ever had in my business. It’s incredible and saves us brokers sooo much time. Every time I send out a marketing piece via GoMax, I always get 2 -3  new clients. It helps me stay in touch and in that “honeymoon” stage with my clients. My clients love receiving my pieces of information and getting the birthday emails as well.

I would absolutely recommend GoMax to anyone looking at building a SOLID mortgage business

Again, my business is definitely growing since I’ve been introduced to GoMax 2 years ago. I have been meaning to email you about this for a while.

Sylvie Ann Messer, AMP
Key Mortgage Solutions Inc. DLC


Please know how great your staff has been with regards to support, specifically Robyn. We have been in contact with her numerous times, by email and phone; she always gets back to us promptly, knows this CRM inside and out, answers all questions in a way that we understand(most important) and has a delightful attitude. You really have a great asset to your team.

BTW we are enjoying the GoMax CRM and are glad that we chose to use it!

Farah Dubash


The biggest challenge for mortgage originators and their plan for marketing to their client base, is that most systems focus on relying on the mortgage originator to be pro-active and think up marketing ideas.  GoMax has uncovered the secret to the most successful marketing plans to your database. Consistency!  Use their plan or create your own once and the system will ensure that your wishes are carried out consistently.

Greg Williamson
GWV Group of Companies


Your customer service and staff is exceptional – I’m really looking forward to using the GoMax System.

Corrina Warner Kubas B.Admin, AMP
VERICO One Link Mortgage & Financial


FYI, your company-product is fantastic and Daryl was amazing to work with J

Bruce Joseph
VERICO Ann Team Mortgage



Louise Imhoff
Assistant to Jody Henry
Dominion Lending Centres Arrowsmith


Thank you for the recognition and giving immediate attention to our suggestions. We appreciate you and GOMAX team for considering and implementing the valuable suggestions. Look forward to giving you more suggestions to benefit ALL users 🙂

Ritu & Mahendra Agrawal
Mortgage Specialist
Canada First Mortgage


Just wanted to say thanks for everything so far. Everyone at GoMax has been very helpful and prompt answering questions and responding to suggestions. If only all the companies we need to deal with in the mortgage business were as well organized…

Nicholas LaRamee
Business Development Manager
Torrington Capital


I would like to commend you on the professional way that you are going about making sure we get the most out of your system. I’ve seen a number of systems and this is by far the best and the best supported.

Jim Solomon CD, FCSI, AMP
Mortgage/Lease Broker
VERICO Accede Financial Inc.


After 6 months using the GoMax CRM, we are continually learning and employing more of its tools every day. We absolutely love the staff who are continually evolving the program to meet the needs of mortgage brokers. From the simple tasking system that ensures every client is followed up with, to the powerful InTouch system; we have notice a significant improvement in both client retention and referrals. With the GoMax CRM we can customize simple tasks, full email campaigns, and monthly market updates to ensure we offer the same level of service throughout our client’s mortgage term.

Martin and Robyn Jensen
The Jensen Team


Thanks to GoMax – my business has grown by 10% this year –  the website and CRM – enhancing tools – makes our Client relationship  efficient , and fast – all in one umbrella and very affordable. – I have used other CRM and the costs where high – consider having a Website and CRM all in one…………

The Team at GoMax are always there – with their hands on training, demo – and enhancing ideas – to grow our business- and the personal touch directly from the Management Team – You tell them what we need and they deliver…………..

Thanks GoMax – for your excellent support……… I am a client for life

Enza Venuto
Finding the Right Mortgage Inc.


Since joining GoMax less than 2 months ago my business increased more than 2 million dollars. This system does everything that I know I should be doing but do not have time to do myself. This is by far the best investment I have made in myself …

Vaneesh Dass
Mortgage Specialist
VERICO Select Mortgage Corp.