Helping you identify database leads

When we developed the GoMax Solutions CRM Platform we thought that it was not only important to provide a CRM that allows you to manage your client database but we thought that we should develop a system that would do a bunch of the work for you. What we mean by this is that we needed to develop a module that would automatically identify potential business opportunities without you having to lift a finger. To that end GoMax Solutions developed what we like to call “Smart Opportunities Technology”.

  • Smart Opportunities Technology:: The brain of the system! 
      • Opportunities
        • The system automatically identifies business opportunities like mortgage renewal dates, mortgage anniversary dates, special occasions like birthdays, etc. The system also allows you to create your own custom opportunities
        • Once all the opportunities have been identified the system scans your database and provides you with a list of clients that can benefit. Moving forward the system will instantly scan new clients for similar opportunities.
        • The system also scans your client’s data and lets you know if there are an issues with that data. Issues with client data can be fixed instantly.
        • Ever been embarrassed after sending out a template email that omitted the client’s data? “Dear BLANK, etc.” If so rest assured that this will never happen again. If the system recognizes a problem with the data it gives you the option to fix it. If the data is not updated, the system will not let the email go out, simple as that.
        • The opportunities module is also a bit of a client management screen as well. Make changes here and those changes are recognized throughout the system.
        • Nothing like a module that does all the work for you. We think it’s the first of its kind.