news & rate advisor

This feature packs a huge punch!

Talk about a powerful little feature. Most brokers see results every time they send this out. GoMax has accumulated a massive database of bank, mortgage rates, house prices, and building permit values from across the country. This information is compiled for you and can be sent to the clients you specify.

  • News and rate advisor ::
        • The news and rate advisor is sent out each and every month to your clients unless you choose otherwise. Set it up once and the system takes care of the rest. There are two options available:
          • Standard Package
            • Default header and footer.
            • Customizable header and footer text areas.
            • Customizable component selection (you choose the stats to send out).
            • Single “campaign” account allows for up to 2,500 client email addresses.
            • Ability to add additional client email addresses in blocks of 500 for $19.95 per year ($1.66 per month).
            • Client management module.
            • Ad Supported plug-in – Free! (see below).
          • Premium Package (Advanced Features)
            • All the features of the Standard Package plus..
            • The ability to co-brand and personalize your news and rate advisor marketing campaigns through the use of customizable headers and footers.
            • The ability to add additional Premium Package accounts (unique campaigns) which allows you to add further co-branding and marketing campaigns for just $4.95 per month (each).
            • The co-branding feature is a great way for you to team up and market to the clients of financial planners, realtors, etc.
          • Ad Support plug-in
            • This free Ad Supported plug-in is designed to be used in conjunction with either the Standard Package or Premium Package. The plug-in gives you all the customize features of the Premium Package as well as the ability to run an unlimited number of additional campaigns using an unlimited number of client email addresses.
            • This plug-in is supported by industry related banner ads.