Put client contact on auto-pilot!

Described as the heart of the system, the inTouch module is the real power of the platform. When it comes to staying in touch with clients we’ve developed three distinct sub-modules. There’s “Projects” which allow for immediate or timed touch points, “Events” for re-occurring contact touch points and “Action Plans” which are made up of a number of pre-defined touch points. There’s also a powerful template module which allows you to make up an unlimited number of custom designed and personalized templates.

  • CRM – Client Relationship – “inTouch”:: The core of the system!
          • Action Plans
            • An Action Plan is designed to be made up of a number of activities of your choosing. Activities can be made up of reminders, email and/or printed materials. Think of Action Plans as long term contact with a client that occurs at specific intervals over the time period, say 1 year
            • Attach an action plan to a client record and the system automatically monitors that plan to ensure that on the date specified the reminder, email or print materials is “fired”. You can also attach multiple action plans to a client
            • Sounds perhaps a little overwhelming? GoMax has setup a number of default action plans for you to use and customize allowing you to get started right away. Designed by mortgage agents the default plans allow you to take care of clients for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Looking for a prospect plan, we have one for that too!


          • Projects
            • In its simplest form, projects allow you to query your database and send off email blasts to that targeted audience on the date and time of your choosing
            • GoMax Solutions has designed a proprietary search engine that lets you actually build your own custom search criteria. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like
            • How about a search of your database that finds clients that have an amortization period of 25 years, a mortgage term of 3 years and live in Toronto? Or how about building a search that gives you a list of clients from your database that have an interest rate of between 4.50% and 5.25% or greater than 4% or less than 6%. The possibilities are endless!
            • You can limit the search to active clients, past clients or include them all
            • Mailing labels – using your own customized search criteria you can create lists of contacts which are then available to be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word to print mailing labels and envelopes. Need help? No problem, we have a tutorial and provide you with the necessary templates to get started.


          • Events
            • Events are just that, events! The simplest example would be a birthday event. Setup a birthday event that could include a reminder, email, print material or task event. Now select the clients that you would like to subscribe to this event and never worry about that event again. A typical birthday event would include a reminder to you a few days before and the day of the birthday. On the clients birthday they would also receive a personalized birthday email
            • Additional events include mortgage renewal reminders, mortgage anniversaries and holiday events. Each of these events are completely customizable
            • There is no longer a need to diarize events, they are completely automated


        • Template Module
          • The inTouch CRM also includes a template module which gives you the ability to create, and fully customize, an unlimited number of email and print material templates