Document storage and delivery

Your GoMax Solutions account comes with a combined document storage and propriety document delivery system. All accounts include a full 1GB of storage at no additional cost. To give you an idea of size, 1GB can hold up to several hundred thousand pages of text  (of course images will reduce the number of documents).

  • Secure Document Storage – Documents ::
          • Securely upload documents to your GoMax account using the document manager system. You can also send documents into the system via the GoMax tagging system.
          • Attach documents to a client or a number of client’s and/or a clients file(s). There is no limit to the number of documents you can store (subject to storage space).
          • Now rather than sending documents via email, GoMax uses a propriety delivery system. It is a secure download system as opposed to emailing sensitive documents.
          • In addition to being much more secure, the biggest advantage is that you can send an unlimited number of documents having unlimited file sizes regardless of a clients document size restrictions.
          • Tired of sending an email with attachments only to hear “I didn’t get the documents”? No problem, the document system gives you a complete record of the date and time the documents were downloaded.
          • The system will also let you know how many times the documents were downloaded. Another first and only feature!