About us

Founders of GoMax Solutions
Bruce Schoenne and Daryl French - Co-founders of GoMax Solutions Inc. Daryl French is a Co-Founding partner of GoMax Solutions Inc.  His present role is overseeing sales, marketing and support.  Daryl’s background in the mortgage industry as an agent and broker owner since 1994 gives him a very strong understanding of the industry, as well as, a unique understanding of the needs and wants of the agents who GoMax targets as customers. Bruce Schoenne is a Co-Founding partner of GoMax Solutions Inc. His present roll is directing platform development in addition to overseeing product support. Bruce Schoenne has 24 years of experience in the real estate industry and 12 years of experience in website development, design and search engine optimization.


GoMax Solutions CRM Company and History

The idea to develop a CRM solution specifically for the Canadian mortgage industry was first conceived in 2005 after it was recognized that a system designed specifically for the industry was nonexistent.The initial development involved providing mortgage agents with a simple but completely turn-key internet presence. Since that time the platform has evolved to include the ability for agents to accept, track and manage mortgage applications and to foster and build client relationships through an automated CRM Solution.

GoMax Solutions Inc. continues to believe in the vision that the mortgage industry is looking for a single point of entry to manage all aspects of their business.

Is the GoMax Solutions Inc. platform finished? Absolutely not! GoMax continues to develop its’ platform in an effort to increase the business tools available to brokers thereby allowing them to concentrate on growing their book business.

GoMax Solutions Inc. employs a full time research and development Team, research analysts, and support department to ensure that we not only continue product development but support that development in a timely and professional manor. See our Testimonials

GoMax Mission Statement

To provide a client management system that allows mortgage professionals to create, maintain and preserve client relationships through a simple to use, web-based CRM and Contact Management Solution designed specifically for the Canadian mortgage industry.

Utilizing industry leading technology and a single point of entry platform, GoMax Solutions is genuinely committed to helping mortgage professional build client relationships and grow a long term book of business.